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Healogics Patient Safety Institute

We are proud to announce that the Healogics Patient Safety Institute (HPSI) has been approved by the Secretary of Health and Human Services to be listed by AHRQ as a patient safety organization. 

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The Healogics Patient Safety Institute is a component of the Healogics Quality program and its mission is to continuously improve the care we deliver by collecting, analyzing, and responding to quality and patient safety data and information.  This includes sharing best practices and lessons learned from the Healogics patient safety information and quality data. HPSI’s strategy for achieving its mission includes: collecting patient safety work product; conducting data analysis, investigations and studies that identify, develop, and verify evidence about the quality and safety of care, treatment and services; translating event data into CME/CE learning opportunities and educating providers to adopt, adapt and implement the best evidence into practice that results in enhanced quality of care and patient safety.

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